Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Blues

If your attic is filled with 'stuff''
I know I’m not the first to comment on this trend – and it’s highly probable given our retail-oriented culture, that I will not be the last – but frankly, I’m sick and tired of the push to make us think we aren’t enough unless we have more stuff. I look around our house at the overflowing closets, drawers and other places we shove the things we accumulate and just shake my head – Black Friday Blues.

The mantra ‘Go Forth and Buy’ spins through my thoughts. It’s all I hear in all the ads that bombard me from every side. Do I really need – or want – any new things? No, I say with a resigned shrug. Can I be tempted? You betcha! I can wander through the mall and imagine taking home any number of items but I think it’s more the thrill of the hunt rather than, ‘I can’t live without it’ attachment – Black Friday Blues.

Maybe it’s an age thing but I’m much less enamored with the need to own stuff and much more intrigued by the idea that having less stuff gives me greater freedom to explore the opportunities around me. Stuff ties you down and limits your mobility because someone has to take care of all that stuff. Guard over it and protect it. That’s not as appealing as it once was – Black Friday Blues.

So here are my ‘wishes’ and ‘wish nots’ for the Christmas season.

  • Wish I could snap my fingers and the tree and decorations would set themselves up and the boxes they were in would magically stash themselves back in the closet.
  • Wish not to be packed in like a sardine at the mall, waiting in lines for more than a half hour each and then trekking back to my car that is parked 20 blocks away. During a shopping trip my holiday good cheer disappears quicker than a plate of cookies in a roomful of kids.
  • Wish I would win the lottery and then share that abundance to make the world a better place. Until then, the charities I support will have to be content with the bits and pieces of time and money I can share.
  • Wish to find that perfect gift that makes the receivers eyes mist up a bit so it’s not just ‘more stuff’ but a memory.
  • Wish not to hear more people spouting hate and divisiveness – us against them. I’m tired of how the fear, mistrust and anger that sentiment generates eats my soul. With each word I can feel my peace slipping away.
  • Wish everyone would put their gadgets down for at least an hour a day and pay attention to the amazing people and world that surrounds them.
  • More than anything, I wish we could put the commercialism aside and bask in the joy, peace and love the season represents.

No matter what your belief system, I hope that each of us can fill our hearts with the spirit that Christmas represents now and throughout the year!
May you exchange that clutter for this!

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