Sunday, April 23, 2017

In My Opinion – 10 Most Romantic Movie Heroes

What makes a man romantic to one person, can send someone else heading for the hills – but I’m going to charge ahead anyway. Following is my list of the movie guys who stole my heart.

Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice”: Colin Firth was my favorite – although Matthew MacFadyen wasn’t bad. There’s something about the quiet, yet sensitive and observant, type that gets to me every time. Mr. Darcy knew what Elizabeth needed and was there to get it for her at whatever cost to himself.

Westley from “The Princess Bride”: Now here’s a man who would do anything, suffer anything, to protect his lady. As he repeats often in his quest to win her heart, “As you wish.” The image of that hunky, amazing man falling at my feet… *fans face* Oh, my.

Richard Collier from “Somewhere in Time”: What an opening – an elderly woman begs our hero to "come back to me". That he would go back in time to find and woe his one true love – makes my heart go pitter pat.

Jack Gallagher from “While You Were Sleeping”: Haven’t we all fallen in love with the image of a man – the perfect man – only to find out that he’s not what we wanted? Enter Jack with his kindness and humor and dreams put on hold who deftly steals the heroines heart before she realizes it’s gone.

Joe Fox from “You’ve Got Mail”: Witty dialog, engaging characters who ooze charm and humor – they just have to get together. Joe knows he’s going to hurt her and does his best to soften the blow in his insightful email exchanges with her. In the end, he’s the first to encourage her to follow her dreams once she’s free.

William Thacker from “Notting Hill”: Hugh Grant is adorable in this movie. Bashful, a bit bumbling, and definitely quirky – he clearly loves his family and friends – and can’t imagine how Anna Scott could fall in love with him. He is the everyman who walks into our lives and wins us over with his humility and devotion.

Joe Boyd/Joe Hardy from “Damn Yankees”: I love this movie for many reasons – not the least of which is a dreamy, Tab Hunter – but to point the spotlight on a man who loves his wife so much… He sells his soul to live his dream only to discover he already had his dream… his wife.

Leopold from “Kate & Leopold”: Another tale of a hero willing to sacrifice everything to ensure his lady is safe. Doesn’t hurt a bit that the hero is Hugh Jackman who never fails to put stars in my eyes. He’s dashing and treats a lady the way we should all be treated.

Rick from “Casablanca”: Any man who can say, “Kiss me. ‘Kiss me as if it were the last time.” Well, he had me at kiss me. Rick wanted Ilsa to be his once they met again, but sacrificed his own welfare and freedom to ensure her safety. An unlikely knight in shining armor, he stepped into the role when it counted.

Nickie Ferrante from “An Affair to Remember”: Cary Grant – need I say more. He’s so tender and attentive and everything a woman would want in a debonair and considerate lover… and yet life intervenes. She doesn’t show for their rendezvous but he waits and pines for the one he thought jilted him. Tears stream down my face every time I watch this movie.

There are so many more to choose from. What are your favorites?

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