Friday, June 9, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “It Takes a Cat Burglar” by Cailin Briste

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome Cailin Briste and an excerpt from her Romantic Suspense, Sci-fi romance novel, “It Takes a Cat Burglar: A Thief in Love Romance.”

When Darcelle Lebeau throws off the invisible chains that keep her bound to her family, she discovers a new vocation. Tempted to enter the illegal playground of a man she nicknames Matou, she becomes a cat burglar in training. Deeply ensnared with each task he entices her to fulfill, she fails to discover his identity and true intentions.

First Kiss Excerpt

“There’s a price for my services. It’s time for you to pay.”

Heat bloomed through Darcelle. What did he mean? Hadn’t she been serving him this whole time?

He rose and moved to stand behind her, placing his dexterous fingers on her shoulders and gently massaging her taut muscles. Head tipped to the side, she succumbed to his ministrations even though she ought to resist. Over the last year she’d dreamed of him seducing her, and now the man of her most erotic fantasies was rubbing his hands over her. A tremor coursed through her body.

He nuzzled soft lips against her check and whispered, “That’s better.”

Resistance had drained away. He clasped her hand and led her to a sofa. “Sit with me.”

Darcelle sat at one end of the sofa. A faint gasp fell from her lips when he positioned himself next to her, his thigh touching hers. She dropped her gaze to her russet, reddish-brown fingers engulfed in his warm beige hand. When he spoke, she looked once again into his eyes, her heart thudding.

“I’m an artist of sorts. A dilettante. I abhor that the wealthy keep so many of the universe’s masterpieces to themselves. I cannot change that, but I can recover works that have been stolen from venues open to the public.”

With one finger he brushed a trail from her temple to her jaw. “I rescue beautiful things.” A smile played along his lips, and he withdrew his hand.

“I need a partner. You.”

Darcelle’s mouth fell open. “What?”

He smirked. “I’d been looking for some time when I discovered you.”

One question moved through Darcelle’s mind like sludge. Discovered me? She was pulled back to the conversation when Matou squeezed her hand.

“You surpassed my expectations.”

“Did I?”

His gaze softened. “Yes. You’ve passed your initial training, but more will be required before we can work together. Once you’ve completed the next phase, you may decide whether to join me. If you choose to, you can leave now, and I will never contact you again.”

“What does the next phase involve?”

“You’ll be learning the rules I require of anyone who works with me. A series of tests will help me decide where to focus your training. Simulations will play an important part in preparing you to be under me. It shouldn’t take more than a month.”

Under him. Gods, she wanted to be under him. Had he meant what that word implied? Her nipples tingled. Stop it! This is your life. It’s more than getting laid.

Considerations raced through her mind. One more month and she could be done with this whole thing. Or not. What was another thirty days of cat burglary? Her clandestine adventures had offered the most fun she’d ever had. She didn’t want to quit. But could she handle going solo? She slid her gaze over Matou. He wasn’t just a handsome face. He was built like a sleek black panther, lean, muscular, and thrumming with lethal energy. What would it hurt to discover what this mortally alluring man had in store for her?

“I agree.”

Matou tipped his chin up and looked down at her. “Take time to think about it.”

“I’ve thought. I agree. But, you must allow me to continue to work. I can’t lose my job.”

He dropped his chin, his gaze blazing with heated satisfaction, and grinned wickedly at her. “I can arrange a leave of absence from the Institut for you. I will pay your usual salary while you are with me.”

“Okay.” The butterflies attacking her stomach were 20 percent apprehension, 75 percent anticipation, and a 5 percent dollop of good old-fashioned lust.

He picked up a packet from a side table and handed it to her. “Here is the knife you came for. You were to retrieve it first. In future, if you do not adhere to my instructions, you will be punished. Use your escape route to leave. I’ll dispose of your skin suit. You won’t need that shabby relic again.”
Her eyes widened. “This really was a burglary?”

“I wouldn’t waste your time or mine.” He rose, pulling her hand up with him and waiting for her to stand.

She was nearly his equal in height. He caught her with his pale green gaze, mesmerizing her. Could he see inside her? Read her mind? She was laid bare before him. Who she was and what she believed, everything was open for him to examine and to judge. Gods, she wanted to be worthy of him.

He leaned in and brushed his mouth across hers. Those artfully sculpted lips were touching her. She accepted the caress, her body both rigid and boneless at the same time.

He pulled away, and the loss was painful. She needed more.

“We need to leave, minou. You’ll be hearing from me.” When she didn’t move, he stepped beside her, placed his palm firmly on her bottom, and scooted her forward. “À la prochaine.”

Yes. She couldn’t wait until next time. She turned at the study door and looked back over her shoulder, but he was gone. Damn, he was quiet.

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