Friday, June 16, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “William, Mary & Percy: Passion in the Office” by Adam Mann

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome Adam Mann and an excerpt from his romantic short story, “William, Mary & Percy: Passion in the Office.”

William and Mary are effectively the accounting department in a property investment company (boring, but part of the story!). The Company is taken over, and they are asked to prepare a report so they work late into the evening, and then visit a local restaurant, but not really a date. Mary asks William to walk with her home as it is now dark, which he does, and is offered a bed for the night.

First Kiss Excerpt

She went out closing the door and I began to take off my clothes. I looked at the larger bed which had a duvet under the covering blanket, and began to get undressed. I looked outside and then nipped across to the bathroom. I came back and stripped down to my boxer shorts, and got into the bed. 

I had forgotten to turn off the lights but Mary came back into the room wearing just a nightgown, turned off the lights and got into the smaller bed.

We said goodnight, but about half an hour later I felt Mary climbing into the other side of the larger bed with me in it!

She had to touch me as the bed was too small not to, and I noticed the soft fabric of her nightgown as she snuggled up to me, and put her arms around me.

I turned to face her, and she kissed my chin. She smelt very feminine, without using any discernible perfume.

I put my arm on her waist, and then up to her back.

I was a bit startled as the back of her bra felt like canvas webbing through the soft nightie, but she snuggled up me again without saying a word.

I moved my hand to her bottom and found another canvas garment there, which was like a pair of knickers made from thick denim material.

“That’s my chastity belt,” she whispered. “Go to sleep,” she commanded.

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  1. What a tantalizing excerpt! Certainly makes me want to read on!