Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Meet the Characters - An Interview with Margaret from “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin” by Miguelina Perez

Today we’re talking to Miss Margaret Renard, from “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin,” a Regency Romance Mystery novel by Miguelina Perez. Let’s start with an introduction.

My name is Miss Margaret Renard and I’m so glad you have come to join me and Lady Jane Bartholomew on our first mystery adventure, “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin.” Both Jane and I are 19 years old and have been best friends since we were 12years old―she is the sister I never had. Like my mother, Jane’s mother passed away giving birth to her. Mine died giving birth to my baby brother, who also did not survive the birth.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
I see a pretty face, that’s what I have been told, with big eyes, mouth and a small straight nose and I am taller than most women.

What is people’s first impression of you?
People in the town think I am eccentric, too out spoken…a social albatross. But I don’t care. Fortunately, I am rich and have the luxury to do as I please. Three of my favorite things are Jane, my home and my books.

What is your relationship status?
I don’t have any male friends, yet, but their ideology that women are bred for taking care of the home and their children doesn’t sit well with me. They believe that we should be learning needlepoint, pianoforte and languages. However, I am knowledgeable in history, languages and politics.

What are your fondest memories?
My best memories are those of my mother and father. They were so happy together.  I have been asked in the past what do I fear. I fear nothing. Oh, I know we all fear something, but I guess you and I will have to discover that while we go along with each crime solving adventures.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmastime, so it would be natural I love to sing Christmas carols.

Who do you least like to spend time with?
Mr. Phillip Latham is my solicitor, he is stubborn, proud and a social snob. I don’t like him much and I daresay he feels the same way.

Tell us about your upbringing?
I grew up without my parents and wish often I could forget the feelings of loss. I was close with them but now am close with Jane and her father, whom I address as Uncle Charles. I had an aunt, my father’s sister, who thought upon my father’s death she could reverse the fortune to her son and when she learned she couldn’t, she left me with my servants―giving up her rights to my care. My servants, managed very well by my housekeeper Mrs. Roth, are my second family. Hence, other than Jane, Uncle Charles and my servants I do not care what people think of me. It would be amazing if my mother and father could come back to me. I miss them terribly.  They loved me unconditionally.

Who can hurt you the most?
It is always the people that you love the most that has the power to hurt you the most. So I love very few and never leave myself open to such hurts.

What are your most prized possessions?
I love my books, my home, Jane and Uncle Charles and the memories of my parents. You could say they are my most prized positions. I have no needs that I am aware of, but my story has barely just begun.

After learning more about me, I am hoping you will join Jane and me to find out who murdered the vicar in our usually sweet and peaceful town of Dover, famous for its white cliffs, even Shakespeare mentions them in Othello. I am hoping we meet again in “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin” and its sequel, “Angel’s Lust.”

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