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Meet the Characters – An Interview with Glyn of Clan Miller “Hatchling’s Vengeance” by Helen Henderson

To the world, Glyn is bodyguard to a dragonlord. Leather armor, sword at her hip, dark hair with a stray lock that keeps falling over one eye, and gray eyes that spark when angry are what is presented to others. To everyone but a select few, she is a man. However, she has a secret that could cost her one chance at love.

Today we’re talking to Glyn, from “Hatchling’s Vengeance (The Dragshi Chronicles Book 4),” a Fantasy Romance by Helen Henderson. Let’s get started. I’m sure our readers are eager to learn more about you.

What is people’s first impression of you?
“Someone not threatening. Even though I have a sword on my hip, I hide my true ability with it until it’s too late for them to retract their taunts. And there are a lot of them due to the fact that I ride a mare. And everyone knows that no self-respecting man would ride a mare. I would love to wear the soft, starlton gowns of a high-born lady like Lexii, but an oath sworn by my kin, then by me when I came of age, means a disguise of leather and weapons are to be mine.”

Do you care about what others assume about you?
She shrugged and gave a rueful smile. “Living a lie to even your closest friends takes a toll. Hiding your true self isn’t always easy. But duty comes before my needs so I have to ignore taunt and insult and hold my tongue. Once Lexii finds her true mate, my duty will be done. I will no longer have to hide my true gender.”

If this is one place in the world you could go, where would it be?
“There isn’t one particular place, but as soon as Lexii no longer needs me, I’ll board a ship and sail as far as it will take me. I’ve heard that someone can lose themselves in the land of Eruichin in the Far East. Not even a dragon lord would be able to find me there. As to why I would go? In search of the serenity I can’t find at Cloud Eyrie. I can’t stay there and see Talann with Lexii.”

What is your most prized possession?
A rare smile lit up Glyn’s face. “It would be a toss-up. I would not trade Buar, the falaire mare that I ride for any true horse, neither mare nor stallion. But I don’t really possess Buar. The falaire pick their own rider; so my most prized possession would need to be my sword. It has served me well.”

What are you most afraid of?
“I dread the day Talann learns my secret, learns my true gender. He knows me as Glyn the bodyguard, not my true self as Glynnes. I fear he will never forgive me the deception, even though I was forsworn to keep it in order to keep Lexii safe.”

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
Glyn was silent for several seconds. “Here lies Glynnes of Clan Miller, she hid grace and beauty to fight as a man. By keeping an oath sworn to protect, she brought honor to kin and clan.”

Now on to something lighter, what is your favorite drink?
“Ale on a hot day cools and refreshes, but there is nothing better than a bottle of wine shared with friends.”

Are you close to family?
I am not sure any true human is truly close to the dragon lords. That said, Lexii is as close to me as a sister. When my parents were killed, Clan Miller brought me to Cloud Eyrie. Lady Eirwen, leader of the Dragshi, and Talann’s parents, Lady Anastasia Jessian and Lord Branin Llewlyn, became my family as much as my blood kin of Clan Miller is.

What was your first impression of Talann?
“I met Talann when I was six years old. He was taller than me, and despite being the son of two dragonlords offered me the hand of friendship. We studied together at the Ceoltier Guild, sparred together with sword and staff, and fought side by side in both bar and battlefield. He is my best friend.” Sadness entered her Glyn’s face. “But he is promised to Lexii, who I have sworn to protect up to and including my life.”

If you could make any one thing happen, what would it be?
A sigh, I couldn’t tell whether of resignation or sorrow, escaped Glyn’s tight lips. “Even though it would mean my one chance at love would be gone forever, I would wish for Talann’s dragon soul twin to awaken. For Lexii and Talann, being the only children born to dragon shifters came with the assumption they would marry. But no dragons sang a welcome at Talann's birth. The magic to take on dragon form is not to be his. He deserves happiness…to know the freedom of the skies.” Her voice caught and she added, “Even though that means he can never be mine… A dragonlord can’t love a true human.”

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