Friday, December 29, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “Order vs. Chaos” by Mary E Thompson

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome romance author, Mary E Thompson, and an excerpt from her Contemporary Romance, “Order vs. Chaos (Opposites Attract Book 1).”

Paradise is not like I remembered…
My curvy, sexy new boss has a chip on her shoulder the size of The Big Island.
And it’s all because of me. Although I have no idea why. She couldn’t be pissed because I checked her out the first time we met. She’s hot, and I like to look. But I won’t touch. She is my boss.
I spend my days trying to convince her she won’t regret hiring me, and my nights trying to forget my past.
And I’m failing at both. Kiana threatens to fire me before our first wedding. But I’m not leaving Hawaii. I lived through hell, and have the flashbacks to prove it. I’m staying put. No matter what she throws at me.
Even if it’s my worst nightmare come to life.


First Kiss Excerpt

She sighed and that vulnerability snuck back into her eyes. “Why do you care?”
I shrugged. “What kind of person would I be if I didn’t care?”
“You don’t even know me,” she whispered, making me wonder if she was talking to me or herself.
“That doesn’t mean I want you to run yourself ragged or get hurt. You need to take care of yourself.”
“I do fine.”
“I didn’t say you didn’t. I care about the people I’m around. And that starts with you.”
She looked up at me with eyes so big she looked like a cartoon character. She was close to me, close enough that I could smell coconut rolling off her.
Her pulse fluttered in her neck, and her breath quickened. I stepped closer to her, unable to resist the tug between us. I’d felt it the moment I saw her, and it only got stronger as she stared up at me with those eyes that begged me to take care of her.
I wanted nothing more.
She rose to her tiptoes as I leaned down. Our lips met somewhere in the middle, a spark shooting through me. Her lips were soft, delicate, tentative. I didn’t know if she was single, if she even liked me, but in that moment, nothing mattered except kissing her.
Her hands wound around my neck, dragging me closer to her. I slid one hand into her hair and the other low on her waist, desperate to feel her curves.
She moaned softly when my tongue traced her lips, then parted them for me. She tasted as sweet as I knew she would. Like everything good in the world wrapped up in one beautiful wedding planning package.
Which reminded me…she was my boss.

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