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First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “The Tantric Therapist” by Everly Rush

Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about the Tantric Therapist. It is the first of a series of books in which women overcome what life throws us, and how they become empowered. Each premise deals with serious issues and a portion of proceeds from The Tantric Therapist will go to women’s shelters.

The first kiss scene between Sid and Sarah is all about anticipation, how it builds and grows. A first kiss between soul mate lovers like these two becomes a promise of what is to come and accepts the vulnerability that new love brings. As in life, the journey is more important than the destination.

Let’s set the scene. Sarah, plagued all her life by a vile inner voice narrowly misses a head on with a Mack truck just outside of a small Midwestern town. Her car is towed to a garage across the street from a quaint motel, The White Gazebo. Sid, the clerk is more than gorgeous and well-built, there is something special about him. They meet at Lil’s Cafe where the pie is homemade and the beer is cold. Sid studies the effects of Tantric yoga, where lovers use sex to heighten awareness. He is waiting to hear about a fellowship at a local university for his Phd. Sarah holds an important secret that will change his life forever.

While walking back to their rooms, they stop in the little Gazebo…

First Kiss Excerpt

Sarah trailed her fingertips over the silken petals of hanging wisteria blooms. “What does Tantric Yoga teach about love?”
“This sounds non-scientific, but the oldest teachings say when a man truly learns the lessons of wisdom through the challenges of life and grows to deserve the sweetest love, the person who completes him will show herself.” Sid stepped closer as his voice found a deep resonance. “He’ll know her and be filled with everlasting love. The man must always strive to be the best he can be because that’s what his soul mate deserves. He’ll feel compelled to protect, guide and give his all to her. The ancient writings state not to resist this love, or complicate it, but open ourselves to it.”
“How beautiful,” she said. There was no mistaking the mutual attraction. Stop it, stop it right now! He just wants an easy lay. You’re less than nothing to him. Sarah looked up and reflections from the lights danced in Sid’s eyes. He folded his long fingers around hers and placed her hand over his heart. Yes, I am worthy. I’m something to him. He makes me feel special, maybe even loved. You won’t stop me, not tonight.
Sid lowered his face to within an inch of hers and breathed her in for a long minute. He closed his eyes as if savoring her scent. She thought he’d kiss her then, but slowly he stood straight again.
“Turn around, lean against me and relax.” Sid spun her smoothly like a dance move.
“Is this some Tantric sex thing?” asked Sarah. Don’t trust this, you don’t know him! screamed the voice.
“Try it. It’s just a relaxation exercise. Then, we’ll talk,” he whispered.
Why not, she thought? It sounds like one of those trust building assignments they do in business workshops. She leaned hesitantly against him as he inhaled along her hair and neck. He lifted her arms with his own. With his fingertips, he lightly caressed her palms, between each finger, slowly tracing each nail, over her hands and back to the start. His touch was as light as a butterfly’s wings, and each nerve ending sprang alive with anticipation. It was non-sexual, yet intensely intimate. She relaxed and melded against his body. He began a slow swaying from side to side as he lowered her arms, crossed them around her and held her. The effect was mesmerizing. He held her in this unhurried hypnotic dance a long time before stopping.
Words don’t describe that,” murmured Sarah, still in the spell of the seductive experience. “What an amazing effect.”
“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people touched their lovers for the first time like that?” Sid whispered in her ear. Sarah sighed an agreement, her heart racing.
(So, now they continue on to Sid’s room.)
Sarah tried to apologize, “I don’t want to pull you into my problems. It’s just... I ordered counseling for her, but there’s not much more I can do to help Ada, if she’d even let me try. It’s classic denial and opposition.” She looked up at him, unsure how to continue.
“Not having met her, it’s not a stretch to say she can’t accept help. Psychologists call it an over learned self-defense mechanism, or maybe oppositional defiance. It’s probably part of a lifelong way of keeping others at a distance, including her daughters,” he said, drawing her closer. “The one thing you can control is whether you let it crush you. Sarah, it’s like you are trapped deep in a cave-in. Start digging from your end and I’ll work from mine. Come to me. I’m right here, standing in the light.”
Sarah’s eyes widened with amazement. “You’re absolutely right.” This young man, grad student, motel clerk and counselor understood. His insight was amazing, and the burden she’d carried for years began to crumble. Sid cupped her face in his hands and kissed her like she was the most precious thing in the world to him. He brushed her lips lightly with his, pausing and leaning his forehead against hers, eyes closed.
“Let me give you what you need,” he whispered.
She leaned into him, his growing hardness pressed against her hip. Maybe it was the dirty martini, or the Tantric thing in the gazebo, but something said she needed a night with this man. She melted into him and opened her mouth to receive the kiss, finally running a hand through those ebony waves.

And let me reassure you, the evening progresses!

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