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The Wit and Wisdom of Mae West

Mae West was born in Queens, New York, to "Battling Jack" West and Matilda Doelger. She began her career as a child star in vaudeville, and later went on to write her own plays, including "SEX", for which she was arrested. Though her first movie role was a small part in Night After Night (1932), her scene has become famous. A coat check girl exclaims, "Goodness! What lovely diamonds!", after seeing Mae's jewelry. Mae replies, "Goodness had nothing to do with it". Her next film, in which she starred, came the following year. She Done Him Wrong (1933) was based on her earlier and very popular play, "Diamond Lil". She went on to write and star in seven more films, including My Little Chickadee (1940) with W.C. Fields. Her last movie was Sextette (1977), which also came from a play. She died two years later.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Carla Donnell 

During her long life she had much to say and shared it with her usual panache.

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”

“Sex is emotion in motion.”

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.”

“It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.”

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

“All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.”

“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.”

And probably the most famous quote of all:

“When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.”

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First Kiss Scene - An Excerpt From "My Army Ranger" by Bonnie Phelps

What is he willing to sacrifice to protect the woman he loves? Everything.

Ex-Army Ranger, Cam Rodriguez, lost a leg in Afghanistan. Broken, he returns home to his small Texas town to figure out what to do with his life. What he finds is more frightening than the battlefield he left behind. The life of his childhood friend – and secret childhood crush – is threatened. He’s not the warrior he once was but is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if that’s what it takes to save Crystal.

Crystal Kincaid likes her quiet life and wishes, more than anything, it could stay that way. But life has other ideas. A man she dated a few times has become obsessed with her and she now lives in fear. Her natural instinct has been to avoid danger at all costs. She turns to Cam to keep her safe. Lured to a remote location by her stalker, she has to fight for her life and test the new-found confidence Cam gave her.

This powerful and emotional FRIENDS to LOVERS contemporary romance will keep you turning the pages and breathe a happy sigh at the end.

First Kiss Excerpt 

“I’m glad to see you’ve got a garage and park your car in it. Do you keep the door into the house locked?” he asked. He must have seen her scowl because he added, “People with garage door openers often figure that’s enough protection.” Arms crossed and stance wide, he surveyed the area.

“Yes, I keep the inner door locked. Josh insisted. He also added a deadbolt, as well as the regular lock.” She captured her bottom lip between her teeth. “Do you want to come in and look around?”

His face softened, and he smiled. “Still worried about little green monsters under your bed?”


He raised one brow and she sighed.

“Okay. Maybe.”

“I don’t see any exterior security cameras or lights. Do you plan to get some?”

“I’ve been meaning too. The landlord said I could, as long as I don’t make any structural or wiring changes.” Cam must think she was a complete incompetent and maybe he was right. “Josh said he’d help me figure out what I need.” She shrugged. “It’s been over three weeks since I moved and last heard from Jonathan. I guess I hoped this would all go away.” She pushed the button to lower the garage door—with it open, she felt too exposed.

“You’re in luck. Security systems are my specialty.” He paused, and she didn’t like the set of his mouth. “You had to know he would find you. It’s not like you moved three thousand miles away and cut off all ties to your family and friends.” He reached for her hand and squeezed it. “You can’t ignore this.”

“I know.” With her hand in his, she let his warmth and strength seep into her. “It’s all so overwhelming.”

His big hands framed her face, his fingers tangled in her hair, and his lips meeting hers promised tenderness and safety. Everything tingled where he touched—the most delightful, arousing sensation she’d ever felt, and his taste… intoxicating. His fingers worked magic on her scalp and a blinding light filled her vision. Even after her eyelids fluttered shut, it was there. She was drifting out to sea on a riptide, lost, yet buoyed by a life jacket that let her know she was secure.

This was exactly where she was meant to be.

Slipping her arms around him, her fingers ranged over his back, testing the contours and ridges of his corded muscles. Power and restraint greeted her touch. She was tired of him holding back. She wanted to be the kind of woman who inspired his wildness. By the time the tip of his tongue traced her lips, her knees had grown weak, and her heart beat to a hypnotic, sensuous rhythm. She’d waited so long for him to respond to her as a woman—not Josh’s younger cousin.

When he raised his head, he stepped back, all business, but the color in his cheeks indicated he wasn’t unaffected. “Let’s go inside so I can get a count of windows and doors. Then I’ll walk your perimeter to identify any bushes we might want to trim and how many cameras and motion-sensor lights you should have.” 

"My Army Ranger" is available through

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Meet the Characters – An Interview with Cam Rodriquez from “My Army Ranger” by Bonnie Phelps

Ex-Army Ranger, Cam Rodriguez, lost a leg in Afghanistan. Broken, he returns home to his small Texas town to figure out what to do with his life. What he finds is more frightening than the battlefield he left behind. The life of his childhood friend – and secret childhood crush – is threatened. He’s not the warrior he once was but is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if that’s what it takes to save Crystal.

Crystal Kincaid likes her quiet life and wishes, more than anything, it could stay that way. But life has other ideas. A man she dated a few times has become obsessed with her and she now lives in fear. Her natural instinct has been to avoid danger at all costs. She turns to Cam to keep her safe. Lured to a remote location by her stalker, she has to fight for her life and test the new-found confidence Cam gave her.

This powerful and emotional FRIENDS to LOVERS contemporary romance novella will keep you turning the pages and breathe a happy sigh at the end.

Today I’m talking to Cam Rodriquez from “My Army Ranger: The Texas Kincaids Book 4,” my just released Contemporary Romance. Let’s get started. I’m sure our readers are eager to learn more about you.

How old are you?
28 in years. He ran a hand over his short-cropped hair. Life experience puts me in the senior citizen range.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
From the cut of my hair to the way I stand – I’m military all the way. Pausing, a hint of sadness tinged with resignation stole over his face. Scars. An uncertain future. A guy who wonders what his place in the world is. A man who wants more and is willing to work hard to get it – once I figure out what that is. I see a small-town Texas boy who grew up scrabbling for everything he has.

Did you have a happy childhood?
Does any kid ever have a totally happy childhood? Kids are supposed to push the boundaries – and I definitely did that – and be told no. He chuckled. I definitely heard a lot of that too. I’m sure I’m the reason my mom has to dye her hair. Blowing out a breath, he continued. It started out rough – my mom had to be both parents and sole breadwinner. Times were tough. Kids made fun of me because I was poor. I fought back and carried around a lot of anger. Luckily I fell in with Josh and Dave. Not only were we all nerds and loved anything computer but their families, especially Josh’s, took me in and never let me feel like I wasn’t as good as everyone else.

What are you most afraid of?
Of not being enough. My dad left just after I was born. Did I disappoint him in some way? I lost a leg in Afghanistan. Could I ever go back to combat or am I doomed to be a desk jockey? I’m good with computers, but without a college degree, will an employer take a chance on me? Lots of unanswered questions. And then there’s this guy stalking Crystal. Am I capable of protecting her? I don’t know if I could live with myself if something happened to her.

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
No matter the sacrifice, he did what was right.

If we could only hear your voice (but not see you) what characteristic would identify you?
A low growl that makes people think of dark and dangerous.

Are you close to family?
Yes, to my mom. She sacrificed so much to make sure I had what I needed – not everything I wanted but at least a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on my back. Even though we didn’t have much, she always made sure I knew she loved my completely.  

What would you most like to forget?
Getting wounded. The pain, the knowledge I was letting down the other guys in my unit because I couldn’t help. The months in Walter Reed recuperating from surgery and then the endless physical therapy. Relearning to walk and do everyday things – like drive a car, climb stair. Things I’d taken for granted.

Do you see morality as black & white or shades of gray?
People tend to think that soldiers see things as black and white… and I suppose there are some things we see that way out of necessity – kill or be killed, love of what our country stands for. Honestly though, there’s a lot of gray in the world. Your enemy has a family and people who love them. They fight for a lot of the same reasons we do. Most of us just want to be left to live our lives.

If someone showed up from your past, who would you most want it to be and why?
My dad. I want to know why he left. Why couldn’t he love us? Stay with us? Support us? Why did he never try and contact us after he left? I have no idea if he is dead or alive. I guess that’s on me – never trying to find out.  

If there is one place in the world you could go, where would it be?
I’m already there. The Texas Hill Country is where my heart is. When we got leave, after we’d seen our families, some of us would meet up in different spots in the world and play tourist. While there are places I enjoyed visiting, nothing beats home.  

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I’m a soldier, so I’m whatever is needed. I’ve learned to get by on little sleep and can fall asleep wherever I am.

What would make you completely happy?
Getting rid of Crystal’s stalker. I want her to be safe. After that, if she’ll have me, marrying her and raising a family. I figure the rest of life’s choices will work themselves out.

“My Army Ranger” is available through:

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Meet the Characters – An Interview with Logan Bodine from “Claree’s Plan” by Sunny Marie Baker

Hello blog-readers. I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger today on Bonnie Phelps Blog.

I’m author, Sunny Marie Baker and I’ve just released Book Two in the Texas Strong Series, Claree’s Plan.

Claree May Whitney needs a husband and she needs one right now!

My interviewer thought maybe you’d like to get to know a little more about the hero in this book, Logan Bodine. So, she’s put a few questions to Logan and here’s how he answered.

Logan, you’re one of the main characters in Claree’s Plan, Book Two in the Texas Strong Series. How do you feel about that?
Well, ma’am, I was a bit surprised the author would choose me for that role. I’m not a rough and tough old west cowboy, just a simple farmer trying to make enough to keep going from year to year.

What type of farming do you do, Logan?
Corn. I got a sweet deal workin’ with a man out of Houston. He makes a fine corn mash whiskey and sells it to all the fancy hotels around.

What kind of deal are you talking about?
Well, see I don’t have the wagons to tote the harvested corn to Houston, so Luther he brings his teams to me. When the harvest is ready he shows up and we load the corn on his wagons and he transports it back to Houston. I take a bit less money this way, but it works out better for me in the long run.

Sounds like you have everything to your advantage?
It’s best for me and I don’t have to leave Lottie home alone.

That’s my ten year old daughter.

So you’re married?
No, ma’am, well, I mean I wasn’t until Claree showed up.

All right, Logan you’re going to have to explain that comment.
Reckon so. It was a day people write about in them dime novels, ma’am. But it wasn’t only a damsel in distress, which she was for sure, but I was in a bit of distress myself.

Care to elaborate?
(Logan laughs). I’d got into a ruckus over at the Blue Boot Saloon. Me and one of the boys trashed the place pretty good. Malcolm, he’s the sheriff, arrested me on account I’d started the whole thing. And damn, told me if I couldn’t pay for the damage, then I’d be his guest for the next two weeks.

What does this have to do with Claree? I’m not following you.
Well, ma’am, my fine was seven dollars. That was a big chunk of coin, and I didn’t have one penny of it. And I damn-well couldn’t be away from my farm for two weeks. And all the time the charges, over at the Sweet Dreams boarding house, was mounting up for the Montgomery sisters lookin’ after my girl.

Go on, Logan.
I’d been behind bars for two days already and frettin’ ever’ minute about the corn in my fields gettin’ eat up by bugs. Then out of the blue, in walks this lady, covered in dust and lookin’ a bit worn. She’d come in on the stage, she said.

Yes, ma’am. She was askin’ the sheriff if there was any eligible men in town, she was needed a husband real quick.

She wanted to marry just any man?
Seems she’d been bartered by her father to marry up with a man Claree deemed completely unsuitable for marriage. She figured if she wed someone else, someone of her own choosing it would make null and void the marriage contract her father signed on her behalf.

That sounds crazy, Logan. Don’t you agree?
It was crazy, all right, but she was wanted a husband and I was spittin’ to get out of jail.

Don’t tell me, you married Claree right then and there?
We agreed she’d pay my fine to the sheriff and the boarding fee for Lottie, and I’d become the husband she was seeking. There was a catch though.

A catch?
It was to be a marriage in name only. An exchange of service in reality. She’d tend to the house chores and give Lottie the woman’s influence she was in desperate need of, and I’d provide her a place to live and the husband to debunk her daddy’s poker deal with this feller, Angus MacGregor.

A marriage in name only? How’d that work out, Logan?
Well, ma’am, at first it worked out fine. We each found our niche with each other and everything ran pretty smooth, except for Lottie’s tricks.

Lottie’s tricks?
Lottie weren’t none too pleased about a new woman in the house. See, she’d been in charge of that since she was five years old . . . when she was left with no mother. Lottie didn’t cotton to some other female comin’ in and takin’ over.

Is that what Claree did?
Oh, not even close. She did her best to make Lottie feel needed and important. In truth Claree depended on Lottie to teach her all there was about livin’ and workin’ on a farm.

Did she win Lottie over?
Not by a long short. Lottie played the worst trick ever on a day Claree when down to the falls to bathe. That was when things began to change for all of us. Yep, that was a monumental day. That one and the day Angus MacGregor showed up mad as a hornet and out for revenge.

Login, please tell us what happened.
Nope, don’t reckon I can share that part of the story with you, ma’am. That’s gotta be left for your readers to find out for themselves when they turn the pages of Claree’s Plan. (Logan grins and winks.)

Well, there you have it, blog-readers; Logan has given us some insights to his and Claree’s story, but left a lot to the imagination. The only way to find out all the twist and turns is to read Book Two in the Texas Strong Series, Claree’s Plan. Oh, and one footnote. Logan has a secret. A secret he must share with Claree knowing it could forever destroy any bond between them.

“Claree’s Plan” is available through:

**Book One in the Texas Strong Series, Cora’s Promise.
Cora keeps her promise to a dying friend and delivers Berta’s most cherish possession to a man she’s never met in Rabbit Glen, Texas. Now what? Cora has no thought. She has no plan. She has nowhere to be.

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Meet the Characters – An Interview with Opal, a misunderstood fairy, from “The Badass Fairies of the Wabash” by Molly Daniels

Whispers Anthology, Coming October 2018:
There’s a whisper in the wind. The whisper of adventure, a whispered secret, the whisper of a tortured soul. What will it be saying to you?

Visit Molly Daniels’s WEBSITE for publication details.

The Badass Fairies of the Wabash by Molly Daniels (short story)
Trouble is brewing along the Wabash River. A young fairy who’s recently released from Solitude, is rebelling against her new duties in the Three Bridges area. When the High Council intervenes, will things improve?

I’d like to introduce Opal, the misunderstood fairy.  Since she doesn’t get to defend herself in the story, I thought I’d give her the chance to explain her side of the story.  Ready, Opal?
I guess so.  How did you get holier-than-thou Diamond to release me from Stonehenge?

I reminded him you’d been locked inside for nearly two years. Your punishment was supposed to only be a month. Were the Druids kind to you?
No; they were horrible.  Being locked in the ground and trapped in stone was awful.  Why couldn’t he have sent me back to L’Arche, where I spent my Solitude?  At least there I had access to the water, and be above ground. My wings are so dusty.  I don’t know how long it will take to get the dirt from behind my ears.  Have you ever taken a dust bath? *shivers*

Let’s back up and bring the readers up to speed.  You saved a human’s life and were granted your own territory to patrol.  What went wrong?
For one thing, Turquoise (Opal’s supervisor) refused to grant my request to be near the water.  He sent me to patrol this boring strip of highway with a lot of twists and turns, lined with cornfields, soybeans, and trees.  After three days of seeing nothing but four cars, a herd of deer, various rodents, and uppity tree nymphs, I went off in search of more action.  How was I supposed to know some stupid human would try to take a turn too fast and play chicken with an oak tree?

What is your connection to Chel?
That phony?  He doesn’t even have the right to call himself a fairy!  He’s a Faxie, since his grandmother was a Pixie. I discovered him mixing potions to hide the fact his powers are nearly useless. At first, I simply helped test his concoctions, and discovered one of them caused me to not care about anything.  When he refused to give me more, I blackmailed him Threatened to expose him to the High Council. But Tanza and Tsavorite caught on….and Dominic blabbed when I interfered with his scheme to get two humans to fall in love. Since when is that a fairy’s job?  I thought the Cupids were in charge of that department.

It was my understanding it was part of Torque’s ruse to catch you.
(Sigh)  It worked.  Now my pretty pink wings are more of a dusty rose; I’ve developed allergies and the skin between my fingers itch; my glossy hair is limp.  I want to return to L’Arche and have the island gnomes pamper me.

Since you brought it up…..what is your disdain for humans?
One of my first assignments was to protect a young college boy.  He was so earnest about his education, so dedicated to his ambition….all I wanted to do was to be able to help him.  This is stupid. Quit using your psycho-babble on me.

Just because you made a mistake….Opal, everyone makes mistakes at one point or another.
(Scoffs)  Not the high-and-mighty High Council.  You saw what they did to me. I’m tired of everything going ‘just right’.  Why not liven up the action? I’ve found it’s more fun to create chaos in the world, instead of peace.  Peace is boooorrrring.

Opal….you’re seriously telling me you’d rather be bad than good?  
I’ve watched enough human TV to know the villians have all the fun. Sometimes they even have the best wardrobes.

You don’t look very well-dressed-
That’s because Steven Spielburg hasn’t read this story yet. You wait and see...he’ll cast Lana Parillo (Wicked Queen in Once Upon A Time) or Angelina Joli to play me.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I sincerely doubt that’s ever gonna happen. We’re a small independent press; I don’t see any Hollywood producers ever taking notice of this tiny book of stories.
Maybe I’m in the wrong business….let me talk to Diamond, and I’ll be your agent!

What about the fact you’re a fairy and only two inches tall?
So I’ll have to have help….I’m sure Chel and I can figure out a way to get a producer’s attention.  Maybe hypnotize a human agent for a few hours. Or go to Disney and pitch the idea.

I think this interview’s gotten out of hand. In the meantime, Whispers is set to release sometime in the next month through First City Books.  Did you read the other stories in the book?
I think your other story, Spirit Pottery, is a little hokey. Why couldn’t Zach (the ghost) have tossed Trevor down the stairs?  Or Caleb (the old soldier ghost) scared him out of the studio? But nooooo….it’s all about loooove.  (makes gagging noises). At least Brooke’s story is on the right track.

You’re hopeless, Opal.  Emerald? She’s ready to return to her post. I’m finished with her for the moment.
Emerald?  Why am I being released to Emerald?  He’s a hard-nosed, stick-up-his-butt, no nonsense jerk!

That was a condition for your release. You’re under my supervision now. One misstep and it’s back to the druids for you.

(sulks)  It’s not fair.

Just goes to show, crime doesn’t pay.

“Whispers” is available through:


Connect with Molly Daniels

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Read Lights Out in the Expanding Uiverse #SpaceOpera #NewRelease by @KayelleAllen

What if today was "lights out?"

Read Lights Out in The Expanding Universe #SpaceOpera #NewRelease by @KayelleAllen
If you knew this was your last day to live, what would you do? Would you face the end with a clear conscience? Would you fight for one more day? Look for that person you wronged and make it right? Run away? Turn and fight? What would you do? In Lights Out by Kayelle Allen, the hero knows his end is near. Instead of running, Tornahdo makes a choice. He will face death with a clear conscience and the knowledge that his death will serve mankind. He will join... GHOST CORPS

He can save mankind. After he does one important thing. Die. Join the Ghost Corps, they said. You'll live forever, they said. You'll save mankind, they said. They didn't say that to do it, first he had to die. When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line, he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps. Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later, he's assigned duty on Enderium Six. He's facing his most dangerous mission yet, the very reason the corps exists. Do they expect him to win? Fat chance. Tornahdo and his team are already dead and this mission is codenamed "Lights Out." No, there's more to this than he can see. To discover the truth, he must face an unbeatable, unkillable enemy, and this time--somehow--find a way to keep himself alive...

Excerpt, Lights Out by Kayelle Allen

The air reeked of antiseptic and starch stiffened the pillowcase. If only the mind-numbing jabbering would stop. Tornahdo pried open his eyes. The flattened blood bag above him, stenciled equipment and gray walls screamed military hospital. He'd died. Again. Spanish curses slipped out. His abuela would've taken a switch to him. He made the sign of the cross and kissed his fingertips. After yanking the tube out of his arm, he pressed a thumb over the entry point. Thankfully, this time, he wasn't writhing on the floor in agony. Well, not yet. A faceless android in a Ghost Corps uniform loomed over a bank of equipment displaying Tornahdo's name and vitals. First impression was right. Military hospital. The weapons-grade yapping continued. "Did you hear?" a youthful voice bragged. "He killed six of 'em last night." "Yeah, but they don't stay dead. They never do." "If Ultras didn't come back to life, their plasma wouldn't bring our own people back." The transfusion of enemy blood healed the hole in Tornahdo's arm in seconds. He thumbed off the red smear and rolled over on the gurney. An open door led to a sink and toilet built to let gravity do its work. Which meant this was a planet. You hadn't lived until you were in space, floating in zero gravity while your body's final twitches sent your corpse spinning. Notices on the wall confirmed this was San Xavier in the Colonies of Man. Same place he'd bought it the first time. This was getting old.

Lights Out part of the Science Fiction/Space Opera anthology The Expanding Universe Vol 4
edited by Craig Martelle Available Sept 17, 2018 Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited


Peek Inside Lights Out

Go behind the scenes with the world and characters of Lights Out with an exclusive illustrated PDF book. Nothing to sign for or opt in to get. Just click and read:

Read Lights Out in The Expanding Universe #SpaceOpera #NewRelease by @KayelleAllen

About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi and Space Opera with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She's a US Navy veteran who's been married so long she's tenured. She is the author of seven books, three novellas, and multiple short stories.

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