Monday, September 22, 2014

52 Ways to Tell Your Guy He’s Special

This has been floating around for a few years but it’s such a fun, personal way to share your love for your special someone that I thought it was worth sharing with my romantic friends. The project will definitely take some time, but as you reflect about all of the ways your main squeeze makes your life a little brighter, I’d be willing to bet that the time passes quickly.

Your goal will be to come up with 52 different reasons why you love your man. You will need a deck of playing cards, lots of imagination, paper to write or print your reasons on, some glue, scissors, paper punch and one or two binder rings. You can make your own template or purchase one at the 52 Reasons I Love You website. Do a search on 52 Reasons I Love You images for more great ideas.
Once you complete the project, why not plan a special dinner or romantic outing where you can present him with this thoughtful symbol of your love?

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