Friday, May 26, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “The Rancher’s Baby Proposal” by Barbara White Daille

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome Barbara White Daille and an excerpt from her short contemporary romance novel, “The Rancher’s Baby Proposal.”

Ally Martinez has always been known as a fun and flirty kind of gal. But deep down she's never forgotten the cowboy who left town. When her crush, Reagan Chase, comes home after a seven-year absence, Ally knows this is her big chance. The guy I've always wanted. Only Reagan has something different in mind… 

First Kiss Excerpt:

He dipped his head and brushed his mouth against hers. Just that light touch left her lips tingling. Without a second’s pause, she reached up—way up—to rest her hands on his shoulders. She had to touch him, to hold him, to know he was real.

And he was.

This was Reagan Chase.

After all her years of longing for him, Reagan was finally within her reach. Even better, he was kissing her. That kiss gave her the one thing she had always lacked, the one thing she had always needed to spice up her life—the hot, peppery, flavorful taste of Reagan’s mouth on hers.

He slipped one arm around her, holding her close, making her aware of every place their bodies touched. She was just as aware when he lifted his head and let go of her to step away.

She looked at him, not realizing she had forgotten to breathe until she was forced to gulp a mouthful of air. His gaze dropped to her blouse for a moment before returning to her face.

His face looked shell-shocked.

As if already reading the first warnings, her heart dropped into a sad, thumping beat.

“I was out of line,” he said. “That was uncalled for.”

Her defenses rose into place. She was Ally Martinez. The Girl Most Likely… She tilted her head and batted her lashes at him. “Well, I’d have called for something like that a long time ago if I had known it was on offer.”

“It wasn’t. It shouldn’t have been.”

“Why not? What’s wrong with it? We’re both consenting adults.”

He backed another step and shoved his hands into his back pockets. More than likely, he had no idea the move accentuated the hard curves and planes of his chest.

“Reagan,” she said, fighting to keep her tone light, “it was only a kiss. I’ll bet you give them out by the dozen and throw in a few extra, the way Sugar does with her sweet rolls.” She wanted to step forward again, as if they were dancing a cha-cha and it was her turn to chase him.

She would follow him anywhere.

But his expression told her he would refuse to lead…

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