Sunday, May 27, 2018

Reviews For "My Texas Heart" by Bonnie Phelps

Thank you to all of the amazing advanced readers of MY TEXAS HEART for your honest reviews. As an author it’s gratifying to hear your thoughts – I hope to improve with every book I write and your comments do help – and that my words spoke to so many of you. Following are a few snippets from some of the 60+ reviews posted on Amazon. 

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4 Stars – Since most books I read involve a lead male character who is confident and often arrogant, I was interested to read a story involving a shy man who battled insecurities. This story really hit home for me in a lot of ways. Growing up, my parents divorced when I was at about the same age as Chad. While I was blessed to have 2 parents who really loved me, I do recall often feeling like a pawn they used to seek revenge against each other. I also had a stepparent who made my life as miserable as possible, so I could relate in many ways with this story. It is so well written, and the characters are easy to love (& hate, for those who definitely don’t deserve to be loved).

5 Stars – A great story about compromise and trust, and adjusting your dreams.

5 Stars – This touching story will have you in Josh's corner and cheering for a positive outcome for the parties on hand.

5 Stars – It had me captivated from the beginning with the hot steamy scenes.

4 Stars – I was surprised how much I liked this love story. I am so used to reading about the alpha male who so consumes the heroine that nothing else matters to her. Don't get me wrong Josh still had that strength to his character but he was not overwhelming, in fact he felt like an everyday man that we would meet today - and that made him hot.

4 Stars – Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride. I felt so many emotions while reading this story – I laughed, cried, felt anger, and of course love.

4 Stars – An emotionally engrossing read that will for sure pull at your heartstrings! A moving passion filled storyline that is enjoyable, intense and at times hard to put down! A must read with an amazing HEA and is well worth the read and more!

5 Stars – This was a heartfelt story that was enjoyable. The characters were engaging. The book was emotional and I can’t wait to read more from this author!

5 Stars – I adored Josh, but what's not to love about a quiet, sexy, nerdy, motorcycle riding single dad?

5 Stars – Very entertaining, captivating and interesting sexy read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong, intriguing characters.

5 Stars – This definitely had a well thought out storyline and I was totally enthralled in the story. Highly suggest this book.

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