Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Wish I Were Writing

I always have big plans to put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard on the days when I’m not occupied by my day job. Like the photo above, that’s how I thought I would spend a good portion of my day today laptop nestled comfortably on my lap as I busily typed away. Now it’s 3:30pm and I’m wondering how the day slipped away.

The day started off with coffee and good intentions as I checked email – but my emails reminded me that I needed to post news about my book and a new review on every piece of social media I subscribe to. That led to some website updates and every person who has had to manage their own website knows what a black hole that task is. One tweak leads to another and another and another and all of a sudden it was noon.

Ever cognizant that a fit body is somehow tied to a fit mind – I decided I needed a brisk walk to keep the mind/body universe in balance. Once I returned from my handshake acquaintance with exercise, my stomach reminded me that lunch was in order. Lunch is also my chance to spend a little time with a good book – one that is not my own – and wait, what do you mean it’s 2:00?

Chores – bummer, I really would rather be writing – but today is the day to change the sheets on the bed and get the laundry done. Then a quick trip to the grocery store – and dinner, scrambled eggs and toast anyone??

Finally, I’m at my computer and realized that I haven’t researched new book reviewer sites like I promised myself I would do. Marketing is the bain of every author’s existence and another big time-sucking activity. No one will buy your book if you don’t get the word out so finding people who will provide an honest review without charging you to provide said review is vital.

Ah, sigh of relief because, at last, I have a free hour to dive into my next book’s first rough draft. I started chapter five yesterday so my goal is to finish chapter five by the end of the week or bust!

Wish me luck and lots of inspiration!!

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