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Meet the Characters - An Interview with Kelly from "Raving Beauty" by Vicki Batman

Hi, everyone (*waving*)! And thanks, Bonnie, for having me today. I’m Kelly Stinson and I’m sharing some intimate details about myself with you today. (I just hope my nemesis doesn’t read this or I’ll never hear the living end.) “Raving Beauty” by Vicki Batman is a romantic comedy short story from the ‘Just You and Me’ boxed set.

How old are you?
You know how it goes—my mama said to never tell. (*wink*) I’ve been out of college for a while. Does that help?

What is your relationship status?
Nundom, a semi-permanent state. Not always fun, but it is what it is.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Thin, brown hair, tall. Dependable. Good Friend. I’m the owner of Creative Boutique which specializes in goods crafted by Sommerville locals. I love to read romance and mysteries, run, and miss my favorite companion – my kitty, Romper.   

Name three things that tick you off.
Looking at Daniel. Listening to Daniel. Helping Daniel.

What is your best memory to date?
Not really my best memory, but the one that stands out is my high school senior prom. Of the seven guys I asked, none would go with me; so I had to ask Daniel. He didn’t dance.

What are you most afraid of?
Not afraid per se. I don’t like ‘The Look’ Daniel gives me. He actually glowers.

Now on to something lighter, what is your favorite drink?
I used to imbibe margaritas – on the rocks, hold the salt – until I agreed to help Daniel with his beauty pageant. I learned the lesson after about four drinks and how agreeing to anything can be bad for me.

What is your favorite food?
It’s a toss-up between hamburgers and donuts.

What was your first impression of Daniel, your love interest in the book?
I do my best to ignore Daniel. I’d much rather look at Ben Stewart. He kisses my cheek and calls me endearments. Talks to me like I’m loved and adored. Sigh.

What would you most like to forget?
Daniel Ackerman. And the swan dive I took offstage at the beauty pageant which resulted in torn ankle ligaments. Hurt like hell. Thankfully, nothing about the pageant was noted on the front page of the Sommerville Gazette. That would have been utterly embarrassing.

Are you close to family?
Yes. My parents are on a Mediterranean cruise. My best friend since grade school days, Maggie Ackerman, is like my sister, but she has a monster of a brother.

If someone from your past showed up, who would you most want it to be, and why?
Someone did! Ben, and he’s no longer a skinny, short, knobby-kneed nerd who once wore black glasses, baggy jeans, and red Converse high-tops with holes in the toes. The new and improved Ben has cropped, sun-streaked hair, broad shoulders a girl could lean on, and well-defined muscles filling out his sky-blue polo shirt. He’s my orthopedic doc and Daniel’s best friend—or is he? They have been arguing a lot lately.

If someone from your past showed up, who would you most NOT want it to be, and why?
Daniel. Daniel. Daniel.

If you could make any one thing happen, what would it be?
I’d like Daniel Ackerman to disappear so my relationship with Ben Stewart can develop.

Who in your life has the power to hurt you the most and why?
Daniel has a way of looking at me. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, we inevitably argue. So tiresome.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “The Rancher’s Baby Proposal” by Barbara White Daille

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome Barbara White Daille and an excerpt from her short contemporary romance novel, “The Rancher’s Baby Proposal.”

Ally Martinez has always been known as a fun and flirty kind of gal. But deep down she's never forgotten the cowboy who left town. When her crush, Reagan Chase, comes home after a seven-year absence, Ally knows this is her big chance. The guy I've always wanted. Only Reagan has something different in mind… 

First Kiss Excerpt:

He dipped his head and brushed his mouth against hers. Just that light touch left her lips tingling. Without a second’s pause, she reached up—way up—to rest her hands on his shoulders. She had to touch him, to hold him, to know he was real.

And he was.

This was Reagan Chase.

After all her years of longing for him, Reagan was finally within her reach. Even better, he was kissing her. That kiss gave her the one thing she had always lacked, the one thing she had always needed to spice up her life—the hot, peppery, flavorful taste of Reagan’s mouth on hers.

He slipped one arm around her, holding her close, making her aware of every place their bodies touched. She was just as aware when he lifted his head and let go of her to step away.

She looked at him, not realizing she had forgotten to breathe until she was forced to gulp a mouthful of air. His gaze dropped to her blouse for a moment before returning to her face.

His face looked shell-shocked.

As if already reading the first warnings, her heart dropped into a sad, thumping beat.

“I was out of line,” he said. “That was uncalled for.”

Her defenses rose into place. She was Ally Martinez. The Girl Most Likely… She tilted her head and batted her lashes at him. “Well, I’d have called for something like that a long time ago if I had known it was on offer.”

“It wasn’t. It shouldn’t have been.”

“Why not? What’s wrong with it? We’re both consenting adults.”

He backed another step and shoved his hands into his back pockets. More than likely, he had no idea the move accentuated the hard curves and planes of his chest.

“Reagan,” she said, fighting to keep her tone light, “it was only a kiss. I’ll bet you give them out by the dozen and throw in a few extra, the way Sugar does with her sweet rolls.” She wanted to step forward again, as if they were dancing a cha-cha and it was her turn to chase him.

She would follow him anywhere.

But his expression told her he would refuse to lead…

The Rancher’s Baby Proposal” is available through:

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “Gillian’s Island” by Val Tobin

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome Val Tobin and an excerpt from her romantic suspense novel, “Gillian’s Island.”

Forced to sell her island resort after a messy divorce, Gillian Foster must now teach new owner Daylin Quinn how to run it. But someone resents Daylin’s presence on the island more than Gillian does and will stop at nothing to run him off—even if it costs Gillian her life.

First Kiss Excerpt

… Behind her, Daylin switched on the radio, and rock music spilled out. The tune was upbeat rather than raucous, but Gillian would have preferred her folk station. He reduced the volume to background music and went to set the table.
She peeked at him sporadically as he moved around the kitchen.
He had on jeans and a T-shirt and wore them well. He’d wear anything well.
Daylin caught her peeking and grinned. “It smells wonderful.”
The scent of frying bacon now dominated.
Gillian checked the omelette under the broiler and removed the skillet from the oven. “Everything is ready. I hope you have an appetite.”
He wiggled his brows. “I do.”
When the double meaning of their words hit her, she scowled. Was this how it was done? Flirtation, double entendre, and sly touches until the woman gave in? Was that how Josh had seduced Candi, or was that how Candi had seduced Josh?
“What?” Daylin stared at her, puzzled.
“It’s nothing.” How could she tell him harmless flirting made her suspicious?
She’d believed she was well over Josh. They’d been apart for more than two years now. Daylin’s presence had aroused the desperate rage Josh had left her with that she’d believed she’d long ago released.
“Gillian, did I offend you?” He drew close to her and she involuntarily took a step back, nudging into the fridge as she did.
Daylin’s eyes narrowed, and he sighed in frustration. “Do I frighten you? Didn’t we establish when I arrived that I’m not a psycho?”
Some of her tension evaporated in a gasp of air, and she managed a smile. “For the most part, we did, yes.” She turned back to the stove and lifted the cast iron frying pan of eggs with an oven mitt. After setting it on a trivet on the table, she went to get the bacon and toast from the warming tray.
“Wait.” Daylin laid a hand on her shoulder.
She managed not to flinch, even when he gently spun her around to face him.
“What puts that fear in your eyes, Gilly?” His hands rested, one on each of her arms. The touch was light and warm.
“It’s not you.” His name caught in her throat. Afraid if she said it, he’d hear the desire, she kept it inside.
“What can I do to help you relax?”
Thoughts flicking to the moment in the barn when he’d massaged her shoulders and she’d snapped at him, Gillian shook her head. “It’s not anything you can help me with. I need to work through this on my own.”
“You’ve stayed isolated, haven’t you? He hurt you so badly you’ve locked yourself away. I’ll make you forget him.” He leaned toward her. “I want to kiss you. If you don’t want me to, tell me.”
The darkness of his eyes filled her vision until she couldn’t see anything else. His desire engulfed her until she couldn’t feel anything else. His scent, his voice. He became her craving, her lighthouse in a sea of fog and storm.
“Yes.” She choked it out, and a second later, he captured her mouth with his.

He was hungry and demanding, but then, so was she. The more he poured into her, the more she wanted to take, and the more she took, the more she had to give. Her head spun and her body quivered. A moan escaped her. How long had it been since she’d been with a man?
Years, her body answered. It’s been years.
Daylin lifted his mouth from hers, raised a hand to stroke her cheek, and smoothed a stray lock of hair from her forehead. “Tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll never touch you again.”
Arms wrapped around his back, hands clutching his shirt, Gillian clung to him. “That’s not fair. You can’t kiss me like that and then ask that of me.”
He dropped his head again, and the tsunami of desire returned, wave upon wave of it, dragging her under. She battled an urge to pull him to the floor, to ask him to take her right there. The ache for him was unbearable, and another moan escaped her.
She broke the kiss.
“Daylin, I do want you to touch me. I want it. But I need …” She trailed off, uncertain what she wanted to say.
Daylin hugged her to his chest. One arm held her close while his other hand stroked her hair.
“Okay. We’ll let it go for now.” He shifted her back until their eyes were level.
“You have the most intense gaze of any woman I’ve ever met.” Tilting her chin up, he kissed her on the nose and then planted another one on her lips. It was tender, yet playful.
He grinned. “Our food is getting cold.”
“I guess we should eat then.”...

"Gillian's Island" is available through:

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Meet the Characters - An Interview with Zach from "My Rodeo Man" by Bonnie Phelps

Zachary Scott Kincaid – Zach for short – is one hot, hunk of a cowboy. Three-time World Champion Team Roper, he’s fast becoming a legend on the rodeo circuit. My Rodeo Man” pits Zach against one unlucky in love but feisty Southern debutant, Ashley Drayton. The pair could not be farther apart in what they think they want out of life. She wants white picket fences and that ornery cowboy lives, eats and breathes the rodeo. Much to Ashley’s dismay, Zach is more tempting than her Great Aunt Hettie’s Punch Bowl Cake and with just as many layers – sexy as sin, ruggedly handsome, a grin that will melt your heart but a deep well of compassion for others, strong family values, honest, hard-working and a man you can count on in a pinch. Instead of me extoling his virtues, let’s let Zach answer some of our questions in his own words:

How old are you?
“30 – not a bad age. Old enough to have some life experience under my belt but still have lots of good years to look forward to.”

What is your relationship status?
He flashed me a grin that sent tingles clear down to my toes. “Single and never had a special someone.” His smile slipped away. “Haven’t been looking for love – to busy rodeoing and ranching. It’s not easy to be part of a long-term relationship when you’re on the road 9 months out of 12 but when love does finally slap me upside the head, I’m ready to settle down and end my bachelor ways.”

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Zach rubbed his jaw. “It’s hard to judge yourself but the ladies seem to like what they see. I’m 6’ tall, have brown hair – my mom calls it Chestnut – that’s been streaked almost blond by the Texas sun and blue eyes. Ranch work keeps me fit but I also follow a regular exercise routine developed for me by a sports trainer. In this business, if you don’t stay in shape, you won’t stay on top. There’s always someone ready to take your spot. I think of myself as an all-American guy.”

What is peoples’ first impression of you?
“People who don’t know the rodeo probably think I’m a risk-taker, a player, a guy without roots, a wanderer chasing the white line from rodeo to rodeo but that’s not who I am.” He crossed his arms against his Herculean chest. “Real rodeo folk are the salt of the earth and I’m proud to call myself a rodeo man.”

Name three of your favorite things.
“Easy – our ranch – The Rocking K, the rodeo and hosting a therapeutic riding program for disabled kids – though there is this special lady that’s making a run to take over one of the top three spots.”

Name three things that tick you off.
“People who say they’re going to do something and then don’t – a person has to stand by his word, got no use for bullies and finally, people who don’t treat their animals right. Those things are just wrong.”

What is your best memory to date?
Zach leaned his forearms on the table, angling himself toward me, mischief dancing in those sky-blue eyes. “Growing up in the Texas Hill Country on a ranch is one big blur of happy memories – riding the fences with my dad and soaking in his wisdom – that stays with me to this day, bellying up to some of my mom’s home cooking surrounded by the warmth and love of her kitchen, horsing around with my brothers and gazillion cousins. If I have to pick one that stands out, it would be the adrenalin rush of my first rodeo. Nothing like charging after that steer, the perfect throw, being so in-tune with my partner that you know you’ve nailed it, the roar of the crowd – I was hooked there and then.”

What are you most afraid of?
“All my life, it’s been rodeo – junior level, high school, college and now pro. I live, eat, breathe and sleep rodeo. It’s defined who I am and how people have known me for so long.” He leaned back in his chair, two-fingering his hat farther back on his head. “I know I can’t do this forever… reactions slow and the new kids take over… but am I at the top of my game yet? Is it time to step back from the thing I’ve loved most in the world for almost 26 years? I suppose what really scares me is who am I without the rodeo? Is there a ‘me’ beyond the rodeo? That’s the question I’m struggling with right now.”

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
He scratched his head and crinkled his brows in thought. “This first part I saw on a tombstone and liked it. The second part is how I hope I’m remembered. ‘Say not in grief that he is no more but say in thankfulness that he was. His spirit lives in the deepness of his love, the generosity of his heart and the constancy of his faith.’”  

Now on to something lighter, what is your favorite drink?
“You just can’t beat a beer on a hot day, unless it’s a beer on a cold day, or a beer with pizza, or a beer watching the game, or relaxing with the guys after a hard day herding cattle – basically anytime. I like Corona best but have been known to hoist a mug of Shiner or Lone Star.”

What is your favorite food?
“Until I had some of Ashley’s Black Bean Chili, I’d have to say my mama’s fried chicken, with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, her fluffy buttermilk biscuits and a thick slice of apple pie.” He grimaced slightly and shrugged. “Sorry, mom, Ashley’s chili wins.”

What is your favorite song?
“‘How Country Feels’ by Randy Houser. Like the song says, country is a way of life and I believe it’s one that will make you happy. I love the land and what it represents. Good honest people who appreciate what we have.”

What was your first impression of Ashley?

“My first impression? All sassy, flirty, full of fun, with more curves than a twisty mountain road and God in his infinite wisdom put those curves in all the right places. Course, that was at a dance hall. Later I learned that in public she’s usually totally different – cool, sophisticated, the perfect Southern debutant. Personally, I like the sassy, flirty Ashley better. When I dug a little deeper though, I uncovered a charming, loyal, compassionate and vulnerable woman who has managed to get under my skin and win my heart.”

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Meet the Characters - An Interview with Nora from "Heating It Up" by Elizabeth Harmon

Nora Bradford – A Woman with a Secret
HEATING IT UP: A Red Hot Russians Novella is the story of Alexei Zaikov (brother to Misha in Getting It Back, book three in the series) and Nora Bradford, the mysterious woman he meets as part of his very unusual job, managing a research station in Antarctica. In this sweet but sexy contemporary romance, Nora and Alexei must work together to save the Amity Bay station from being shut down. But will the truth about Nora’s role in Amity Bay’s demise, doom their romance?

Welcome Nora! Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you and what do you do?
I’m 26. I’m an architect specializing in sustainable design and I worked as the lead designer of Glacier Ridge Lodge, a new guest house that was intended to replace the obsolete Amity Bay Research Station. Until recently, I worked for Quinn & Associates in San Francisco, one the world’s top firms specializing in sustainable building.

Until recently?
Nora offered a tight smile. "It’s a long story."

I see. What is your relationship status?
She sighed, and gazed down at her hands, devoid of rings. "I’m single and have been since my fiancĂ© Blake drowned two years, while diving in Belize.

I’m sorry to hear that, and you have my deepest sympathies. I imagine that’s been extremely difficult.
She bobbed her head in a single, brisk nod. It has. "That’s why I poured everything into the Glacier Ridge project, trying to push aside my grief. Unfortunately, that didn’t work very well."

Tell us about your family. Are you close to them?
My father was a colonel in the Air Force, my parents met in high school and married soon after. I have two older brothers, both of whom followed in my dad’s footsteps and went into the military. My dad’s retired now, and he and my mom live in Germany. One of my brothers lives near Washington DC, the other one is in Texas. I’d say we’re as close as a family that’s spread out all over the world can be.

What is your best memory to date?
Growing up, I lived in some amazing places and one of my favorites was Greenland. My dad was stationed at Thule Air Base which is north of the Arctic Circle, and I could see whales and icebergs from my bedroom window. On Christmas Eve, we always received our gifts early in the morning, because my parents said our house was Santa’s first stop, as he set out to fly around the world. Instead of leaving cookies for him, we set out pancakes and sausage.

What would you most like to forget?
The morning two years ago, when one of Blake’s buddies called me at the office to tell me that Blake had drowned while diving in the Great Blue Hole. Just like that, my world collapsed. For the next months, I was numb and went through life in work-fueled trance. Thinking about Blake, about anything, only made me sadder. What’s strange is that in a lot of ways, I did forget that time. It’s only since I came to down to Antarctica that the fog has started to lift.

Name three of your favorite things.
I love being near the ocean. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sunny beach, a foggy coast, or someplace frozen. It’s the awesome size and depth which speak to me. It’s what inspires my work as a designer. We have to live in harmony with nature, because we’re never going to conquer it. I also love to draw and paint, though I don’t have much time to do it. A third thing I love is cooking and creating an amazing meal for someone who truly appreciates it.

Name three things that tick you off.
"Easy." She held up her fingers, counting off each one. "People who break promises. People who lie. People who exploit others to get what they want. And sexism. Oops. That’s four."

It sounds like you know someone like that. I don’t suppose this has anything to do with why you no longer work for Quinn & Associates?
She nodded, and her mouth quirked in a rueful smile. "You would suppose right. But as I said, it’s a long story."

Now on to something lighter, what is your favorite drink?
A pinot noir from my favorite small winery near Sonoma. All of their reds are amazing, but the pinot is like an explosion of dark fruit, with soft floral hints. I wish I had a glass of it right now.

What is your favorite food?
There are so many incredible restaurants in San Francisco, it’s hard not to become a foodie. But I think my favorite food is Pizza Napolotana, the traditional Italian pizza that’s baked in a wood-fired brick oven and topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, herbs and oregano. It’s honest, down to earth, and irresistible.

What was your first impression of Alexei Zaikov?
She laughs quietly. "Speaking of honest, down to earth and irresistible. The first thing I noticed about Alexei, aside from his beautiful eyes and sexy smile, was his kindness. He’s strong and capable, but at the same time, compassionate. He’s good listener, and passionate about his work here in Antarctica, and the people who call Amity Bay home."

If you could make one thing happen what would it be?
Alexei wants to save Amity Bay, and I have a plan to do that, and the expertise to make it happen. The problem is I’ve kept it secret from Alexei and from everyone else here, that I designed the lodge that’s intended to replace their community. I once saw Amity Bay as nothing more than a collection of obsolete buildings, but coming here and being part of the community have shown that the station needs to survive. But can I reveal the truth without everyone, including Alexei, seeing me as their enemy?

“Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella” is available at these fine retailers:

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Meet the Characters - An Interview with Vlad the Impaler from "Dracula’s Mistress" by Carmen Stefanescu

Today we’re talking to Vlad the Impaler from "Dracula’s Mistress" by Carmen Stefanescu.

How old are you?
*Vlad appraises me with a penetrating eye, raises his chin and passes a hand over his thick moustache. A man used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question.* I’m in my thirties yet, there are moments when I feel as if I’m centuries old. Battles, betrayals, hostage in the Ottomans court, my family destroyed by the scheming boyars (landlords). . .  

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
*Vlad frowns and shakes his head. He has a bitter smile on his face.* According to many, I shouldn’t see anything. Vampires can’t see themselves in any mirror, can they? I’m tired of trying to disprove them. Imagine that the other day a brat asked me, ‘Do you see yourself if you take a selfie?’ whatever that selfie means.

What is people’s first impression of you?
*He shrugs and shifts on his gold crested throne. His movement allows me a better view of the broad sword at his side. I wonder how many heads bit the dust after feeling its caress.* They are scared. I can notice their frightened looks and the beads of sweat covering their brows even in my cold stone palace. I can’t miss the shaken answers when I ask them something. There are moments when I feel sorry for them, but you know what? If I hadn’t been so severe, I couldn’t have stopped theft and laziness. I tested whether my technique for dissuading theft or dishonesty worked.  I had a valuable gold bowl placed near a river crossing. The rule was that anybody could drink out of it, but it could not leave the place under any circumstances. The bowl stayed put! "Quod erat demonstrandum/ thus it has been demonstrated".

Name three of your favorite things.
*Vlad rubs his chin, his eyebrows raise, and something that looks more like a grin than a smile stretches the corners of his mouth. His voice is stern, with no vestige of sympathy in its hardness.* Aren’t we curious, dear lady? Well, I hope my answer won’t send you running away. Impaling my enemies, impaling traitors of their kin and country, impaling thieves and crooks. Satisfied?

What is your favorite food?
Nothing pleases me better than grilled catfish with polenta and peppery brine. The Danube is the home of some awesome, giant catfish. Fishermen from Braila send me some nice looking ones as a sign of appreciation that I freed them from the Turkish yoke.

What was your first impression of Angela Oltenescu?
*A tender look, something unusual for such a cruel man, seems to pass through his eyes.* Her innocencent look, her lack of fear conquered me from the very first second I saw her at the court festivity. *Vlad’s voice broke with huskiness. He fell silent for a moment and then went on.* I felt guilty at first as I was married, but all knew that my marriage was one of convenience. In exchange for her brother’s help when the Ottomans attack Walachia. And then, after what happened to my wife... Oh, you don’t know? Well, I won’t reveal more. Read the story and you’ll find out what became of Varvara, my wife.

What is your favorite song?
*The tense lines on Vlad’s face relax. He waves his hand.* I have no time for such silly things. But to give you a kind of answer, let’s say the music that delights my ears is the victory cry of my soldiers when they manage to push back the enemy. Or the rustle of the wind in the battle flags on the battlefield.

Are you close to family?
*He gazes in the distance, frowns and for a moment I imagine there are tears in his eyes. He clears his throat and raising his chin he replies* I was close to my brother Mircea. But the landlords, those treacherous bastards took his life. Radu, my younger brother. . .  you know he was a hostage together with me at Egrigoz. Well, a lot of things happened. They are in the story if you want to know all the details. Truth is that now we are on cold shoulder terms. I have another brother who is a monk at Snagov Monastery near Bucharest. I respect and admire him, but we rarely see each other. So, you can draw your own conclusion.

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
*Vlad leans forward and states clearly, as if he expected this question.* People say I was a vampire, but then, nobody is perfect.

If you could go back in time, what one thing would you change in your life?
*His eyes darken as he holds my gaze.* This is exactly what Angela asked me once. I’d have liked to be a common man, born in an ordinary family. My playground was the battlefield. My toys were swords and broad swords. My best friends were my own thoughts. *He suddenly stands up and his stance signals that my time is up. For a moment, I imagine I hear some muffled cries coming from the hidden corners of the Targoviste palace hall. Perhaps all the stories about the palace being haunted aren’t just stories. I thank him and retreat, satisfied my head is still on my shoulders. With characters like this one, you may never know. . .*

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Meet the Characters - An Interview with Simone from "Reunited With The PI" by Anna J. Stewart

At the age of nine, Simone Armstrong's life was derailed and some would say defined, by the murder of a childhood friend; a murder that remains unsolved to this day. Now, as a prosecutor for the Sacramento D.A.'s office, Simone has earned the nickname the Avenging Angel. She's the prosecutor criminals hope they don't end up sitting across the aisle from. Her career has always come first. Putting criminals behind bars before they can hurt anyone else has always been her top priority. That determination and dedication has cost her a lot, including a short-lived marriage.  When her main witness in a career-making case goes missing and suspicion falls on her office, there's only one person she can trust to help her: former Marine turned P.I., and her ex-husband, Vince Sutton.

Today we’re talking to Simone Armstrong from the book “Reunited With The PI” by Anna J. Stewart.               

How old are you?
I'll be thirty in a few weeks.

What is your relationship status?
As Facebook (as if I spend any time there) would say, it's complicated.

What is your best memory to date?
Watching one of my best friends get married to a man who deserves her. Seeing someone you care about that happy, there's nothing better than that.

What are you most afraid of?
Something happening to either Eden or Allie, or God forbid, both. They're a part of me. I can't imagine life without them.

Now on to something lighter, what is your favorite drink?
Anything in a wine glass, but preferably wine. And preferably Riesling (it's the only sugar I tend to allow myself)

What was your first impression of Vince?
The first time I saw Vince he was in his Marine dress uniform, so you can well imagine what my first impression was. Talk about searing an image into your brain. I think he short-circuited something inside of me; broke me for anyone else. There was something solidly commanding about him, but that underlying aura of determination, loyalty, and dedication? Part of me had forgotten men like him existed.

If you could go back in time, what one thing would you change in your life?
This should be an easy answer. I should say I want to go back and stop Chloe from leaving our tent all those years ago. Because she'd still be alive, she'd still be with us, living her life alongside me, Eden, and Chloe. But doing that means I wouldn't be who I am; Eden and Allie wouldn't be who they are. We've done a lot of good because of Chloe's death. To change what happened means I'd change everything about us, and I think we've become who we were meant to be.

Are you close to family?
If you mean my blood relations, my parents? No. In fact I couldn't even tell you where they are in the world right now. If you mean my family by choice?  My friends? Absolutely. And the circle is getting larger.

Do you care about what others assume about you?
Only in so much as their assumptions tell me more about them. Which gives me an advantage. And I'll take any advantage I can get, especially in the courtroom.

Who in your life has the power to hurt you the most and why?
Eden St. Claire, Allie Hollister, and Vince. Because they know me the best and they're the only ones who know my real weaknesses and fears. But they wouldn't. And I know this because I've let them in.

What is your most prized possession?
The necklace I wear every day of my life. It belonged to Chloe...and reminds me how short life can be. And that there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

Available at:

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