Friday, July 14, 2017

First Kiss Friday – An Excerpt from “My Sexy Veterinarian” by Bonnie Phelps

Today on First Kiss Friday, we welcome romance author, Bonnie Phelps, and an excerpt from her Contemporary Romance novel, “My Sexy Veterinarian,” the second book in “The Texas Kincaids” series. 

New Release special price of $1.99 beginning on July 20!

Nate Kincaid, wants to get out of debt and get his family off his back about his relationship status. The second means he needs a serious girlfriend, but after the death of his fiancé, he isn’t ready. No one knows about his nightmares—the ones that chase him into the dark places of grief. Dealing with debt means his fledgling veterinary practice must be successful—business before anything else. Always. Maybe a pretend relationship would solve his second problem so he can concentrate on the first.

Full-time psychologist and part-time model, Lauren Royall, has the perfect life. As a therapist she helps people. As a model, her free spirit reigns. She senses his pain and wants to help. When Nate suggests she pose as his girlfriend, she accepts on a lark. She hadn’t counted on falling for the guy or the painful memories from her past his situation evokes.

First Kiss Excerpt

He pulled up in front of her house and came around his truck to let her out. Hand-in-hand they walked to her front door. Nate slid his hands under her jacket, trailing them down her ribcage before settling on her lower back. Pulling her tight, he wondered how one woman could set all his nerve endings on fire simply by being in his arms. He didn’t know, and at the moment didn’t care.
Their lips touched. He meant to keep it sweet, but his traitorous body had other ideas. Slowly he used the tip of his tongue to map the softness of her lips. When her lips parted to give him access to taste the essence that was Lauren, his resistance unraveled completely. Even while his heart raced, teasing her tongue, tasting her, she quieted him like the fading colors of the sunrise, heralding a promise of new beginnings. Were new beginnings even possible for him?
Her hands traced the contours of his chest, gliding across his hard planes, leaving streams of molten lava in their wake as they eased their way to his shoulders. Her arms circled his neck pressing her lush breasts tightly against him, tantalizing him with the thought of what they would feel like filling his hands.
Being wrapped in her arms was like being caught in a vivid dream, one he didn’t want to wake from, but the gray fog of past nightmares swirled into the frame anyway. Shapeless and disquieting the fear lodged in his chest. The need to scurry into his protective shell took over.
He gentled the kiss, pulling back slowly, until their lips parted and he cupped her beautiful face in his large, calloused hands. Slipping apart, he felt his soul follow her breath into her body. Scared. Him. Shitless. He could lose everything—again, have to climb out of the abyss—again, if he stayed in her arms.
“I’ll call you.” He hoped his statement would be true. He wanted it to be true, but he heard the hollowness of his words. He felt her smile brush his lips and the heat it sparked as she melted against him. He was lost.
She sighed, her breath skimming along his neck, but when she looked up mischief sparkled in her eyes. “After a kiss like that, you’ve ruined me for other men,” she whispered, her lips pursed at the laugh he suspected bubbled beneath the surface. “No other man can hold a candle to that kiss. That is a kiss for the ages. If you don’t call, I’ll probably die an old maid.”
He choked back a laugh at her bantering. She always seemed to know what to do or say to lift the cloud of anxiety followed him like a beast of prey. “While I can’t imagine you as an old maid, I certainly wouldn’t want your spinsterhood on my conscience. I’ll call. I promise.”
Nate waited while she unlocked her door and stepped inside. When he heard the deadbolt slide in to place, he turned and walked back to his truck still shaking his head, but with a smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

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