Friday, March 23, 2018

That First Kiss

No matter how experienced you are, kissing a new partner for the first time – is… well… the first time. New. Exciting. Maybe a little terrifying.

So many decisions to make. How to tilt the head so that noses and cheeks and chins line up. Where to put your hands. Do you slip them around the waist to pull the person more tightly into your body? Do you keep your fingers intertwined and hold them down at your side? Should it be a brief brushing of the lips – an appetizer, if you will – or do you dive in and get some tongue action going?

Then there are all those first kiss expectations. The butterflies in your stomach, that warm glow in the middle of your chest, those furtive glances to gauge reactions to the possibility tell you there is something about this person that has your pheromones all aflutter. But what should you feel?

Other people have described the sensation as a mingling of breaths, a connecting of souls. Every cell in your body springs to life and explodes in a sensory overload. Heat drenches you in lethargy until you want to melt in your partner’s arms. Your lips were meant for each other.

Reality can be another matter and given all the hype, we can be left wondering what’s wrong with us if our experience doesn’t measure up. Are we kissing a frog instead of our prince (or princess)? Will we as a couple need to grow in to those heights? I keep thinking back to that great first kiss scene in the movie, Baby Boom, between Diane Keaton and Sam Shepard. The giggles. The elbows. The awkwardness. The uncertainty. Will my partner be disappointed in my performance?

And finally the lips meet and everything fades into the background – at least if there truly are feelings behind the kiss. The breath does mingle. Two souls do connect. Your body sighs in delight.

What are some of your favorite first kiss movie scenes and why?

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