Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meet the Characters - An Interview with Kaane from "Riffing With The Muse" by Yvonne Kohano

Today we’re talking to Kaane Scott, legendary front man for the iconic rock band Rebellion, from “Riffing With The Muse” by Yvonne Kohano.  Here’s what he had to say to Music Today.

Music Today:  So Kaane, been a long time, man. Where are you hiding yourself these days? Wherever it’s been, they must not have reporters because the media’s said zip about you in the past few months.

Kaane Scott:  The band’s been busy. You’ve probably seen them, you know, playing some different kinds of music, performing with our buddies, trying out new sounds. You know, busy. 

(The dude’s fingers never quit strumming on the tabletop.)

MT:  Yeah, we’ve noticed the old gang’s been all over the planet, getting pretty comfortable in those gigs. Some are getting to look kind of permanent. Does that worry you?

KS:  Worry me? Nah, the guys are having fun. We’ll be together again soon, real soon.

MT:  You’re looking a little tense about this, man. So what are YOU up to these days? Like we said before, radio silence on you, man, and that is so not the Kaane Scott we’ve known at any point in your career. No crazy party stories, no weeping women throwing panties, no bar owners asking for damages.  You know, radio silence.

KS:  ---

(Radio silence, like we said – he’s staring at us blankly, peeps.)

MT:  So, ah, tell us about the music, man. Give us a taste of what’s on the next Rebellion download.   

KS:  Ah, no guitar.

MT:  Never stopped you before. Come on, just sing us a verse, like you did that night up in Aspen, you know the time, when the –

KS:  Not doing it. The songs, they’re not ready yet. And, you know, I don’t want to put the curse on them.

(Ah, this is getting’ good!)

MT:  Are they cursed, Kaane? Are you cursed? Rumor has it you haven’t written a thing in years, the band’s been covering for you, and we all know your history on women and booze and such. So tell our Music Today readers, is the great Kaane Scott no longer legendary?

KS:  ---

(He’s looking for an escape route, peeps. You can see it in the tight fists and manic look in his eyes. MT hit a nerve. Sad, actually, to see the great one fall.)

MT:  So what’s really happening, Kaane?

(We’re sitting in a pause frame here…) 

KS:  I’m just riffing with my muse, just riffing with my muse.

MT:  And looking like you’re a little lost.

(Shakes his head.) 

KS:  Yeah, that too, man, that too.

And there you have it, peeps. Kaane Scott, speeding toward the death curve. Who knows where he’s been, but it looks like the only direction he’s going is down, down, down. Shame, really. Once upon a time, his music rocked us out of our ever-effing minds, but lately, he’s been phoning it in. Was that the final chord we just heard strumming in the background? Only an Angel can save him now.

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