Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Love This Time of Year

Let me qualify that statement – I love this time of year ‘in California.’ The weather in the last few weeks of October and first few weeks of November is as close to perfect as it can be. It’s that lovely interval between the time the air conditioning stops and the heater starts up. This year it seemed to take a little longer to get to that ‘no air conditioning’ stage but it’s finally arrived and I love it!


It’s the time of year when all the beautiful scenery beckons – whether it be the trees changing color in the Sierra Mountains or waves crashing against our rugged northern California coastline. Beauty is all around us and often only a few hours’ drive away. I love to explore and head off down unfamiliar roads never knowing what I’ll find around the next curve.

Most days, with high temps in the high-60s to mid-70s, you can open your doors and windows by early afternoon – often sooner – and let the fresh air pour in and sweep out the mustiness. Sunshine and bright, blue skies predominate with enough rain thrown in to fill our drought-shrouded lives with wonder.

It’s the time of year I’m tempted to fire up the oven and bake – until I get on the scale and realize where those scrumptious cookies and such go – but I bake anyway and figure I’ll walk off the calories. At least that’s what I promise myself until I look up from my computer and realize the sun has set. I’ll talk about good intentions in some other blog.
At this point in the year I have generally put ‘the end’ to one book and am getting to know the characters who will tell their stories in my next book. It’s a season of exhilaration, because I’ve sent another of my babies off into the world, and discovery, because I’m figuring out what drives the fascinating people who will be the next to share their quirks, loves and foibles with readers.

It’s the time of year for transitions. Time to shed the shorts and t-shirts of summer and pull out the long pants and sweaters better suited to cooler weather. Time to cover up the outdoor grill and pull out the crockpot. Time to think about gathering around the table with family and put away the picnic basket. Not quite the deep chill of winter but no longer the sultry heat of summer. It’s a time of change and a time to look forward to what might come next.

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