Sunday, April 30, 2017

March and April Reading List Review

Like so many writers, I started as a reader first. I wish I had time to read more, but typically can only find time to read about four novels a month. Some months I have great luck finding books I enjoy, other months are so-so. March and April I hit the jackpot.

Here's what I read in the past eight weeks starting with March:

The Trouble with Nathan by Anna J. Stewart (5 stars): Anna is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She populates her book with take-no-prisoner characters, who draw you in and put you - the reader - firmly on their side. They persevere and eventually triumph despite their flaws.

The Unlikely Lady by Valerie Bowman (4 stars): Valerie's books are always entertaining. Miss Jane Lowndes is determined to stay a spinster in this historical romp. Luckily for her Lord Garrett Upton has other ideas.

The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent (4 stars): Billed as a psychological thriller, I was intrigued. Not sure about the thriller part but Minka nailed the psychological side. Autumn is one messed up lady - in fact most of the characters need therapy. The ending was a bit disappointing but all-in-all a great read.

A Bodyguard of Lies by Donna Del Oro (5 stars): I'm a sucker for WWII intrigue and Donna brings the past into the present in this wonderful read. The plot is tight and Donna puts enough obstacles in the main characters' path to keep you wondering.

Playing for Love by Mel Curtis (5 stars): Mel draws deliciously flawed characters who you love to love - despite themselves. If you've never read one of Mel's books - here's a good place to start - and it's free! I guarantee you'll be hooked on this author.

Finding Our Forever by Brenda Novak (5 stars): A master story-teller, Brenda, keeps me turning pages to find out how these characters will get past their hangups - and in the case of the heroine, lies - to reach their happily ever after. Brenda loves to weave social issues through her stories and in this one she tackles adoption.

Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash by Bev Patterson (5 stars): These two had sparks flying from the get-go and I was rooting for them all the way. I love Bev's flawed characters, in fact, I bought her next book because I had to know what happened to her sister, Emily.

Studs and Stilettos by Bev Patterson (5 stars): Sometimes I wanted to kick Emily (the heroine) and tell her to believe in herself. It took yummy horse-trainer, Dan, to make her face her insecurities and let the strong woman inside take control and be who she was meant to be.

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